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Tele-Marketing and Contact Management

Your sales, service or collections staff can manage their work efforts much easier and efficiently using Tele-Service. Handles both in-bound and out-bound calls. Gives management the statistics to control operations as a group or individuals. Maximizes the performance of the entire staff.


  • It is paperless! All functions are managed through a concise set of screens with the service personnel in control.
  • Allows more calls to be made improving sales possibilities.
  • Tracks call backs so none are missed.
  • Targets leads for more productive calls.
  • Filter calls by time zone, marketing campaign, priority or earliest call date to better focus an individual for better results.
  • Maintains statistics for better management control
  • Integrated with all other ARC/400 modules for direct access to AR status, order entry, product information, sales history, etc.
Used by telemarketing, customer service, collections, help desk and other personnel working with customers Over the telephone.
Create and maintain call queues. Sort calls and filter calls for maximum productivity. Use a hot key for call to call transition. You are always able to review the list and to call anyone at any time. For in-bound calls, selecting the customer automatically searches the call queue and brings full information to the screen, saving human search time.
Unlimited number of call queues
Typically, each person will have his or her own call queue to manage personal calls. Often groups can share a call queue which is useful for cold calling. Changing queues is useful when working another person's calls because of sickness, vacation, termination, etc.
Schedules calls in advance
Schedule a call or group of calls for a particular date and time. System reminds you when the call back time is reached.
Organize sets of calls by Campaign Code
A campaign can be any reason for calling a customer. Reporting by campaign code provides results for special mailings, ad campaigns, trade shows, purchased mailing lists, etc.
Filter calls by marketing priority, campaign, date and time zone
Concentrate your efforts based upon the type of calls you want to make. Call the east coast in the morning and the west coast while the midwest is at lunch. Let the computer help you focus on the important calls first. You set the parameters and ARC/400 will work as you demand.
View call queue by 5 different sort sequences by pressing one key
Create flexibility for service personnel by allowing them to work their call queues based upon how they want to.
Reschedule calls to next day with two keystrokes
Special features for rescheduling calls, leaving messages, etc.
End call with multi-function results screen
The end of call screen allows the entry of the call disposition, a next call back date and time, and call diary notes.
Each call is recorded for subsequent management reporting (performance and effectiveness reporting)
Every call is maintained on a call history data base for detailed and sophisticated call analysis and productivity reporting.
Automatically tracks last call and next call information for each contact.
Keeps track of dates automatically.
Call management screen used as the focal point in all call processing
One screen with the basic customer information is the focal point of the call. Hot keys to other functions always return to the single screen to assist in organizing the call.
Order entry and full customer service functions while customer is on the phone
Designed for quick access to information while customer is on the telephone.
paper-less operation if desired
Many users do not use paper. There is no need!
Diary of all call contacts
Lists your comments for all subsequent calls with your contact. Hot-key to calls to other contacts and hot-key to calls from other areas within your company (e.g. accounting and customer service)
Sales and Customer History
Learn all that you need to know about the customer with just a few keystrokes: sales history, AR, past conversations, orders, invoices, etc.
Send standard letters easily
Pick a letter from a list, verify the customer data, and the computer will automatically merge your customer data with the letter for a custom looking letter. Printing is batched for your administrative personnel.
Send literature with letters
Specify what literature pieces you wish to send with any letter. Requests are batched with a pick list for efficient pulling and sending literature to customers.
Customize standard letters
Standard letters can be given that personal touch. One key will automatically generate the "base letter" and place you into the word processor for entering any changes, additions, deletions that you require.
Statistics kept for on-line review by supervisory personnel throughout the day
Sales and performance statistics are displayed on demand during the day to review day's progress of each service representative.
Supervisory review of all call queues
Supervisor can review call queues of any representative at any time.
Call Queue Build Utility
Supervisor can establish sets of calls to be made and place the calls into appropriate person's call queues.
Call Queue Maintenance Utility
Supervisor can maintain call queues including the deletion of selected entries and the moving of blocks of items to any other call queue.
Letter Maintenance Utility
Letter maintenance utility allows for the creation and changing of standard letters to be used by service representatives.
Sales As-of -Now Displays
Display today's sales by representative.
Call Calendar
Display a calendar with the number of scheduled calls Over the next few weeks. Use to plan your time better.
Call Reminders/Alarms
When it is time to make an important call, ARC/400 will remind you with a message on your screen. No annoying bells or sound effects!
Internet e-mail
Send e-mail to your customers. Store the address in the contacts records; the server sends the e-mail so there is no waiting for the IP to connect.




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