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Shipping & Warehouse Processing

Productivity and effectiveness go hand in hand with ARC/400. Your operations are under control with the organized approach provided. Your people have the ability to effect the transactions including exceptions and troubleshooting.


  • Shipping documents and optional pick lists are batched and printed at intervals as often as 30 minutes. Supports staging and non-staging pick methods.
  • Customer returns processing uses Artificial Intelligence routines to minimize data entry while improving accuracy. All customer records are automatically updated.
  • Receipts from a Vendor can be tied into the purchasing system reducing data entry requirements.
  • Every function is designed for speed. Fewer people are required saving money.
Shipment Scheduling
Product shipments are scheduled automatically every night. When requested by warehouse personnel, can be immediately scheduled to include only certain ship dates or only certain ship methods. Shipping documents are automatically printed.
Rush Shipments
Rush codes are set by order entry personnel. Rush shipments are requested by warehouse personnel throughout the day for expedited processing.
Shipment search obviates need for shipping documents and assists in finding lost shipping documents.
Shipments may be displayed by order #, warehouse, date range, Sold-To, Bill-To, Ship-To, Product, or Shipping Method. Once a shipment is displayed, it may be shipped without the need to print or use the shipping documents.
Products can be bar coded
Bar coding of products increases control and reduces error. Bar code is entered when item is received, shipped and returned. Eliminates much entry on the part of the shipping clerk.

Features like bar code inquiry, status and search screens make bar coding very flexible and provides greater control.

With bar coding, items can be marked as damaged even when still in the hands of the customer. Upon return, the damaged item is flagged for the receiving clerk for proper disposition.

Damaged Items Support
Service personnel can mark bar coded items as damaged when item is still in the hands of the customer. Receiving personnel are notified of this fact when the item is returned so that disposal procedures can be followed.
Shipping documents can be bar coded
Bar coding of shipping documents speeds shipping by simply scanning the document. No entry of numbers increases accuracy and speed.
Tight controls reduce errors
Controls exist such as checking quantities against the order and displaying comments when requested.
Drop shipped items
Shipping documentation printed for drop ship vendors. With FAX hardware, documents can be automatically faxed to drop ship location. Invoicing of drop ship items takes place after acknowledgment of actual shipment.
Pick List AND shipping documents (packing list)
Option to print a pick list of all items in a set of scheduled shipments for staging of picked items. Individual shipping documents are printed for customer packaging.
Multiple warehouse locations
Identify multiple warehouse locations for each item. System tracks the inventory quantities of each.
On-hand Adjustments
Simple yet controlled adjustments to on-hand quantities assist cycle counting of inventory and correction of identified inventory count problems.
Product Returns Processing
If bar coded product, simple point and shoot of bar code reader will trigger all bookkeeping automatically. Automatic credit memo can be optionally created.
Product Returns Review
Customer Service personnel will obtain a list of all items being returned for review and appropriate follow-up.
Product Receiving Into Inventory
Items are received into inventory simply, including bar coded items. Wand each item or (if numbered sequentially) wand the first and last item. Review and edit bar codes prior to acceptance. Automatically keeps track of counts to assure accuracy.
Physical Inventory Cycle Counting
Cycle counting for inventoried products in a warehouse is the best way to keep control Over carrying costs. If the item is bar coded, the counting can take place while shipping is taking place.
12 Month Product Statistics Screen
Statistical screens will show simply on one screen a summary of all sales and total shipments for a product Over the previous 12 months.
Re-shelving Report
Report is used to assure that customer returns are entered properly into the system. Mistakes are easily identified and rectified.




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