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New reports are easily created
Report changes are the most often requested enhancement in any system. ARC/400 accomplishes these changes easily because the data base has been designed to accumulate data properly and an outstanding 4GL reporting tool is available.
Standard monthly reports
Sales Tax by State Report

Shipping Charges Summary Report

Invoice Register

Detail Inventory Transaction Register

AR Cash/Adj. Summary by GL Number

Inventory Transaction Cost Summary

Royalty Due Report

Royalty Due by Invoice Report

Standard Sales Reports
Daily Sales and Bookings Comparison Report (daily, MTD, YTD information)

Revenue Summary by Source of Order

Monthly Commissioned Sales Report

Monthly Sales by Product Summary and Comparison Report

Monthly Sales by Sales Person Summary and Comparison Report

Monthly Sales by Customer Summary and Comparison Report

Potential Duplicate Customer Report

Daily Sales by Invoice and Sales Rep.

Projected Conversion of Previews Report

Projected Conversions by Month

Late Preview/Rental Dunning Detail

Late Preview/Rental Dunning by Sales Rep.

Product Bookings by Line Type Summary

Standard Tele-Service Reports
Tele-Service Statistics Summary includes both a daily and a monthly version.

Tele-Service Daily Call History Detail Report.

Daily Diary Audit Report (listing of all diary entries for the day by entry user ID)

Standard Accounting Reports
Orders On Hold Report

Aged Orders On Hold Report

Invoice Register

AR Batch Transaction Detail Report

AR Open Batch Listing Report

AR Cash/Adjustment Summary by GL Number

Cost of Goods Sold Detail by Warehouse

Shipping Charges Summary Report

Sales Tax Summary Report by State

Inventory Stock Status and Valuation

Standard Inventory Control Reports
Inventory Transaction Detail (daily and monthly versions)

Inventory Summary by Product & Type

Inventory Transaction Type Summary

Projected Purchasing Requirements

Backordered Product Hot List

Warehouse Transaction Register

Products on Order Report





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