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The ARC/400 Purchasing System is used to control your commitments to purchase goods. The system creates purchase orders, tracks them against expected receipt dates, passes receipt quantity information to inventory and reports on outstanding purchase orders.


  • Controls all purchases to all vendors and for all ship-to locations. The items do not need to be defined to ARC/400 !
  • Information is readily available to Tele-Service personnel improving level of customer service.
  • Buyers have tons of usage data in order to make the best purchasing decisions. For inventoried products, the system will suggest purchase timing and quantities based upon purchasing parameters set up in advance.
  • AP Interface authorizes payments based upon actual receipts and inspection rejects.
  • PO entry is easy and follows the same look and feel for customer orders. An approval process assures that POs are not printed prematurely.
  • System is easy to use and is fully integrated with other functions within the ARC/400 Distribution System.

Multiple Ship-To Warehouses
PO can specify any warehouse as an inventoried location for the receipt of goods.
Non-inventoried Ship-To Locations
PO can specify any location as a non-inventoried location for the receipt of goods. This could be any address in the data base.
Multiple Bill-To Locations and/or contacts
Supports any number of bill to locations or contacts.
Multiple Vendors
Supports any number of vendors.
Both inventoried products and sundry items support
PO items can be inventoried products on the product data base or sundry items. A sundry item is not on the data base, but is described in the PO. The sundry concept is great for office supplies and other miscellaneous items.
Automatic PO Build based upon inventory requirement
POs are built automatically based upon calculated inventoried product requirements including order points, minimum order quantities, maximum order quantities, EOQ, etc.
Vendor Statistics
Vendor screen provides controls and defaults by vendor. The PO process additionally keeps track of information by vendor such as the dollar amount of all outstanding POs.
AP Interface
Receiving report is used to manually interface with external AP system. The file created is also available for automated interfaces to existing systems.
Special Receipt Instructions
Specify instructions which are displayed during the receiving process.
Inspection Required Notice
Specify whether special inspection is required upon receipt.
Standard reports can be supplemented by custom reports using the Query reporting language. Standard reports include Today's PO receipts, Projected purchasing requirements, Items on Order, Open PO edit report, and Overdue items exception report.
Backorders Accepted or Not
Specify to vendor whether backorders will be accepted or not.
Change Notice Reference
Specify on PO document if PO is a change from previous PO of same number.
Usage Statistics for 12 Months
Product usage statistics for previous 12 months help in making best purchasing decision.
PO Search and Product on PO Search
Search for PO by any of 7 different parameters. Additionally, obtain a list of all POs pertaining to a given product.
Warehouse Receiving and Miscellaneous Receiving
Tightly integrated with receiving at any warehouse or miscellaneous receiving for non-inventoried locations and sundry items.
Receive short and long quantities at your receiving locations
If the vendor ships too few or too many items, the receipt can be accepted as is or certain quantities can be rejected and returned to the vendor. This data is made available to the AP personnel for proper credit to the vendor.
Requisition data at both line level and PO level
Specify requisition number, requester, and requisition date.
Authorization data at both line level and PO level
Specify authorized by person and date.
Clone PO from previous PO
Save on order entry by cloning a previous PO and then making any changes. Great for blanket POs and repeating POs.
Clone line from any other on PO
Clone a line to add similar lines or to correct a bad input line.
Comments at both line level and PO level
Up to 48 lines of comments for each line and another 48 lines at the PO level. These are optionally printed on the PO or used for internal purposes.
Specify PO requirements to vendor
Specify the cancel by date, the ship not before date, taxable code, payment terms, shipping charges instructions, maximum authorized shipping charges, shipping method, FOB location, GL account number, and more.




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