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Producer/Author Royalties

Video distributors often will sell a product that is produced by others requiring a commission or royalty to be paid. Royalty contracts are often very complex and unique. ARC/400 provides royalty reports for accurate royalty payments.

  • pay to multiple producers, authors, etc.
  • flat fee and percentage of sale calculations.
  • calculation based upon sale price or list price.
  • levels of percentages and dollar amounts for different customer types (e.g. intermediate distributors vs. end-use customers).
  • past period re-calculations to adjust for retroactive contract changes.
  • cash basis and invoice basis accruals. This means that royalty reports can be defined to only include paid invoices on the report. The system holds transactions until paid if the royalty contract specifies this option.
  • report management. ARC/400 will keep track of royalties using a producer cutoff date supporting quarterly, and other reporting periods. You are not tied to fiscal month reporting. ARC/400 will include items on royalty reports only when they are due to be put on a royalty report.
  • manages royalty advances. Keeps track of advances and deducts the advances from the total amount due on a royalty report.
  • optionally deducts cost of goods from royalties. Depends upon your agreement with the producer ... takes the cost and deducts from the selling amount prior to calculating royalty due amounts.
  • more complex royalty calculations. Select a royalty percentage based upon a transaction type, organization type, market code or product extension.
  • edit royalties. Royalties can be edited prior to printing the report to account for complex calculations outside ARC/400 or to correct entry errors.
  • Various reports for royalties. Posted/paid royalty due report (current and past reports), estimated accruals report, pro-forma royalty due (based upon a future date), and estimated royalties by fiscal period.
  • support for producers using foreign currencies.
  • support for recalculating a conversion to sale royalty when preview and sale transactions have different rates and the conversion must back out the preview royalty and re-calculate at the sale rate. This is only useful if previews and sales have different royalty rates.
  • support for royalty expenses. If allowed by your producer agreement, enter expenses which will reduce your total royalty due.




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