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Product Management

Products can be tangible or intangible. They can be inventoried or not. They can be bar coded. They can be manufacturing items. They can be commissioned or not. ARC/400 is very flexible allowing you to manage your products as you want.


  • Find product records fast. Obtain product histories. Get product usage summaries by fiscal periods.
  • Better customer service with real time inventory information and purchasing status information.
  • Use product structures if special pricing applies to groups of items. For large bills of materials, use product structures to enter one line item and the computer will generate a long lists of items which improves your data entry performance.
Powerful Product Search
Locate products by product number, any word in product name, user defined subject area keyword, source code, product line, and status. Produces informative list of potential product matches. Hot-key to next logical function.
Product Display, Entry and Maintenance modes
Product information can be displayed, entered or changed based upon the needs and authority of the user.
Three level product data base
Codes for product number, version and format/extension. Not necessary to create more SKU's when it is only a different version or flavor of the product. Use the three levels for sub-definition of products (for example, different formats of a single title of a video tape OR different colors and sizes of a garment OR different feature combinations of a single TV set OR lots of other uses). Wide range of information maintained at different levels so there is no duplication of data on the data base.
Product Annotations
Keep catalog descriptions on-line for easy reference by sales and service personnel.
Features and Benefits
Keep pre-defined features on-line for easy access by sales and service personnel.
Direct access to product pricing, warehouse balances, product structures.
Hot-keys to full product information.
Availability Tracking
Display a window which will project into the future what the availability of an item will be. Great for rentals, future orders and protracted procurement lead times.
Multiple Price Lists
Keep multiple list for pricing depending upon the customer or the sales division.





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