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Hot key to OfficeVision Calendar function. You can keep personal appointments and schedule events.
Word Processing
Hot key to Office Vision Word Processing. You can create custom letters and other documents as you need.
Electronic Mail
Hot key to Office Vision Electronic Mail. You can send messages to any other system user and keep track of their responses.
User Created Reports
Hot key to Query/400 for customized report generation by authorized users.
Duplicate Customer Reporting
Create on-demand or periodic reporting of potential duplicate customers where the names and addresses are similar.
Customer Merge
Merge customer numbers together creating records as if they had been the same customer all along. Easy way for Tele-Service personnel to clean up the data base as they are doing their other work.
Menu Security
Sophisticated security allows either INCLUDE lists or EXCLUDE lists for any menu item. Keep users away from functions that they do not require. Allow inquiry based upon a need to know. Flexible to meet your security design requirements.
Merge/Purge Service From Outside Lists
Outside lists can be added to the data base directly from a tape or diskette. This conversion service can save days and weeks of data entry.
Interface to Outside PC Based Manifest Systems
Certified to be interfaced with a PC manifest system. For more robust needs, ARC/400 can interface with a variety of AS/400 based manifest systems such as Pfastship.
Interface to FAX Products
Certified to be interfaced with a variety of fax products.
Microsoft Windows Support ... using 3rd party add-ons
Integrate PC applications with AS/400 applications including cut and paste. Have multiple ARC/400 sessions active at the same time on your screen. Along with various PC applications such as spreadsheets and graphics packages.
Graphical Presentation of Data ... using 3rd party add-ons
Use various products for accessing ARC/400 data into charts and graphs.
Microsoft Word Interface
Move documents between the AS/400 and your PC word processor (using RFT format).
User Defined Fields
Unlimited user defined fields for locations, contacts, products and product extensions. Allow the field to be a list of values or memo text.
Zip-City Prompting
Support is provided for zip city data bases which will supply the city if you enter the zip code. It also will check city spelling for consistency in the data base.
Area Code Updating
Support is provided for BellCore area code split exchange (ACSED) updating. When an area code is changed, ARC/400 will automatically change all of the affected phone numbers during the permissive dialing period. This assures accurate phone numbers for calling and faxing.
Time Zone Support
ARC/400 will automatically determine the correct time zone for all contacts so that calling campaigns will make the most effective use of a tele-marketers time. Never call while the customer is at lunch again.
Federal Express Powership Passport Interface
Federal Express has created an interface for ARC/400 to better put the sales person in control and to speed the shipment of all packages. Supports 3rd party billing, all shipment types, residential delivery, and Saturday delivery.




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