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Order Processing
Designed for order entry while customer is on the phone, but can be used off line as well. It is fast with powerful features to put the user in control.


Fewer support staff necessary

  • Fewer errors by putting "front line" support people in control
  • Easy to enter and change orders improves accuracy
  • Orders can be batched for shipping as soon as every 30 minutes
Powerful Order Search
Locate orders by order number, date range, customer's PO #, Invoice #, entry user ID, Sold-To, Ship-To or Bill-To customers. Produces informative list of potential order matches. Hot-key to next logical function.
Order Display, Entry and Maintenance modes
Order information can be displayed, entered or changed based upon the needs and authority of the user.
Tracks customer and contact usage
Automatically identifies customers as being used as a Sold-To, Bill-To, or Ship-To on the customer data base. Last order date is always kept up-to-date for Sold-To organization and contact. Open order amounts are maintained.
Customer specific preferences
Customer preferences such as shipping method, payment terms, tax status are automatically inserted into orders.
Supports regular, debit and credit orders
Debit and Credit orders are used by bypass the shipping process (such as a post shipment order). They are very useful in correcting order entry errors.
Supports many line types such as: regular sale, rentals, preview/loans, on-consignment, sundry items, services, bill-only items, non-stock items, non-inventoried items, etc.
Custom line types can be created for your specific purposes.
Rental and Preview/Loan line types
Tracks the shipment and return of items that are expected back from customer. Automatically calculates the usage dates and related information for proper follow up if not returned. Usage dates are based upon the requested ship date and shipment delay days which are calculated using the shipping method and the ship-to location. Supports the conversion of the rental or loan to a sale.
On-consignment items
tracks the inventory of items being held by sales people or customers which will eventually be sold to the end-user. Tracking continues until the items is either returned or sold.
Sundry items
non-stock items can be scheduled for shipment and invoicing.
Bill only items such as services
Specific and miscellaneous items can be invoiced without shipment. Perfect for a billed service or license fee.
Non-inventoried items
Bulk and other stock items are supported where no inventory counts are maintained.
Automatic inventory updating as the order is taken
Separately tracks items committed to the order, scheduled awaiting shipping, shipped, back ordered and future order.
Automatic sales person assignment
Assignment algorithm based upon the sales division, the customer's SIC code and geography (Country, State and/or County). Customer Overrides available.

Assigned at the line level for flexibility in assigning sales people based upon product or service to be invoiced. More than one sales person may be assigned per order.

Automatic pricing and flexible discounting
List prices are calculated automatically. Actual prices are calculated again if a discount percentage or a special promotion is entered.

Pricing is determined by sales division, by product number, by line type, by rental days (if applicable), and/or effective date range. Promotional pricing can Override the list price or apply a discount percentage.

Series items
Enter an item number which automatically explodes into a series of lines which are shipped individually. Great as a short cut for items that are often ordered together or when special pricing is in effect when ordered together.
Separate Sold-To, Ship-To, and Bill-To customer locations and contacts.
Maintaining up to 3 separate customers per order creates great flexibility especially in future marketing reporting. Defaults established automatically so no extra key entry is required. Override attention lines available for the shipping label and invoice label.
One Time Shipping Addresses
Sometimes a shipping address is used on a one time basis such as shipping to a residence or to a hotel. ARC/400 allows for the one time address without the need to create a data base entry for the address.
Tax calculations displayed during order entry
Taxes are estimated during order entry for quotation to customer. Final calculation takes place during invoicing. Tax tables support taxing units at the State, City, County and combination of levels. Separate tax rates for sale items, rental items and freight amounts. Non-tax items such as services and non-taxable customers are automatically taken into consideration.
Hot-key to order totals
The order totals screen include the total line items amount, shipping charges, insurance charges, taxes and any extra fees. Credited amounts from credit memos are displayed which are useful in inquiring into the order by Customer Service or Accounting.
Shipping charges are automatically calculated
Ability to Override shipping and insurance charges at the line level or to quote an amount for the entire order.
Order defaults can be established to speed order entry for big orders with many line items
18 items can be specified as "defaults" and are automatically placed into each new line entered.
Line item clone
Any line may be "cloned" so that new lines need not require re-entry of specific information.
Comments at both order level and line level
Order comments can be entered and printed on invoice, shipping paper or used to communicate important information to the shipping clerk. Line level comments are independently available for the same purpose.
Holds include automatic calculation of Credit Hold, accounting defined holds and an order entry hold.
Three independent hold codes may be set for each order. Credit holds and Accounting holds need to be cleared by authorized personnel. A "general" hold can be set and cleared by order entry personnel. A hold report will be available for easy review of held orders.You can even hold a line item on an order and have it automatically be canceled on a date if no action is taken by the salesperson.
Payment with Order
Various payment options are available including credit card and cash with order. Integrated with AR to assure proper entry of cash.
Ship Complete
An order can be specified to be shipped complete which will hold all items on the order until all items are available to be shipped at one time.
Ship Minimum Percentage Complete
A minimum shipping percentage may be specified to limit the number of shipments that can take place per order.
General Ledger Orders
Cost of goods can be directed to any G/L account number which is very useful for promotional shipments and the like.




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