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Menu Maintenance System

ARC/400 menus are very flexible and can be customized for an individuals or groups specific job. Menu items can be ARC/400 features or can directly interface with other systems.


  • Security.
  • Ease of use.
Table driven menus
Special maintenance program allows easy maintenance of menus. Menus can be customized for each person or group of people so only authorized or applicable functions are displayed.
Operating System commands
"CL" commands are directly entered into the menu tables with automatic syntax checking and command prompting.
Help key Support
Pressing F1 will display the codes table inquiry
All menu options must pass a security check before usage is allowed.
Two formats available
All menus can be displayed in either one or two column formats.
User controlled color coding
Menu items can be displayed in one of several colors for highlighting purposes. This is especially useful for labeling segments of a screen.
Interfaces with non-ARC/400 programs for seamless systems integration
Any AS/400 program whether user written or supplied from another vendor can readily be included into an ARC/400 menu.
Multiple page support
If more items than can be displayed on one screen is required, multiple screens will be created and roll keys will be activated.
Sub-menu support
Any menu can call other menus. Up to 10 levels are supported.





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