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Real time invoicing means that invoices can be viewed on screen immediately after shipment. No time delay in mailing for better cash flow.


  • Sales revenues can be monitored during the day
  • Invoices created automatically for every shipment ... no extra work required
  • Complete information available for service and collections personnel
  • Flexibility in creating dummy invoices or in combining invoices for better customer presentation

Powerful Invoice Search
Locate invoices by invoice number, data range, customer PO #, Sold-To, Ship-To, Bill-To, invoice type, sales division, sales person or order number. Produces informative list of potential invoice matches. Hot-keys to next logical functions.
On-line invoice display
Invoice detail can be displayed for review at any time. Obviates need to keep paper copy.
Real time invoicing
Invoices are created on system as the items are shipped. No waiting for the next day to inquire on an invoice status. Printing can either print immediately or be batched that evening. Invoice register printed every day.
Invoice routing
Invoices are sorted based upon user defined routings so that special processing can take place when necessary.
Invoice with Package
One or more invoice copies can be designated to be placed into the shipment package when required by customer or by company policy.
Re-printing invoices
Any invoice can be re-printed at any time.
Pro-Forma Invoices
Create a Pro-Forma invoice from any order, invoice or group of invoices. Great for quotes and bids. Also used for pre-bills. These invoices will not affect AR until the order is consummated through a shipment or bill-only situation.
Pay with Order & Credit Card Payments
Enter pre-payments and ARC/400 will manage for you. The invoice will identify the prepayment with any balance noted. Calculates pre-payment discounts as well.
Invoice Consolidation
Consolidate several invoices into one for the customer that needs the single document.
Change Invoice Dates, Due Dates and Customer PO #s
Meet customer requirements by changing invoice dates, due dates and PO #s after the invoice had been created. Often used to conform to a customer's unique fiscal or reporting requirements.




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