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Inventory Control

Keep costs under control with strong control of inventory. Helps keep sufficient quantities on hand without Overstocking. Lots of features so that product records describe the qualities of the item itself.


  • Keeps costs down.
  • Lots of information for control
Create new products utility
Creating new products or placing existing products at a new warehouse can cause data base synchronization problems. This problem is solved with ARC/400 and its new products utility.
Maintenance functions for three level product structures, warehouse records, warehouse balance records, etc.
Product information is simply maintained. Three levels are appropriate for products that come in different varieties such as video formats, cassette languages, garment sizes and colors, hardware sizes, multiple versions, etc.
Sales Tax maintenance
Maintain sales tax at the state, county and city levels with independent taxing for each. Specify different rates for sales, rental and freight taxation.
Product pricing is very flexible.
Specify product pricing independently for different sales divisions. Promotion pricing provides great degree of flexibility.
Shipping Delay Maintenance
Specify a standard shipping delay time frame based upon the shipping method and the ship-to zip code. This provides better calculation of expected return dates for items expected back from the customer such as rentals and on-approvals.
Flexible Inventory Costing
Inventory valuation and costing can be determined using Standard Costs, FIFO or LIFO. Various products can use different costing methods.
Transaction Search
Search screens display warehouse transactions in a variety of ways for problem resolution. Search by shipments, receipts, customer returns, inventory transfers, inventory adjustments, date range, etc.
Usage Screens
Usage screens display the number of shipments, sales, rentals and previews of products Over the previous 12 months. This type of information gives a quick understand of how usage is changing Over time.
Control Over Allocation of Product to Orders
Allocation of products to orders is normally automatic, but special situations require special tools. ARC/400 provides these tools to allow for easy review of open order lines by product, to allocate stock, to de-allocate stock and to control the entire stock allocation process.
Inventory Integrity Checking and Automatic Correction
Every data base system has many files which can potentially get out of sync. ARC/400 provides inventory and order file integrity routines for checking Overall integrity of the information and optionally to correct the information.




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