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General Concepts

Interacts conversationally
Processing business transactions involves the give and take of information. ARC/400 provides the user with information that is logically consistent with what he/she is doing. The user enters information about the transaction. ARC/400 provides feedback, assistance and more information if warranted. The user can change, reject or accept the transaction. And the cycle continues!
Real Time
Many functions are happening now! No waiting! For example, shipping, invoicing and sales history are updated at the server as the user is doing other work at his/her workstation. There is no waiting for Overnight batch jobs to know the exact status of orders, shipments, invoices, AR, credits, etc.
ARC/400 is designed to operate while the customer is on the phone. This means a) fast response between screen displays, b) powerful search commands, c) hot keys to important information, d) fantastic sets of defaults and e) intuitive reasoning.
Anticipates user actions by offering hot keys to next logical steps and by displaying information based upon the context in which the screen is being used. This feature makes screens easier to read and greatly reduces computer keystrokes.
Year 2000 Ready
The ARC/400 date features allow the user to quickly enter dates without mistakes. For example, putting a +1 in a date field causes tomorrow's date to be displayed. Putting a -2 causes the date to be two days ago. The relative date feature will even skip non-work days. Features like this speed processing and make the system easy to use!
Low Operational Cost
The AS/400 server technology has the lowest cost of ownership of any server on the market. Basically, put it in a closet and change the backup tape daily. Other operational savings include electronic forms, support for low cost terminal workstations, preview reports before printing (saving paper), etc.
Server Based Productivity
The server is always working for you. When you send a fax, the user never has to wait; the server sends the fax as the user is onto the next task or customer. This server concept applies to lots of functions such as reporting, letters, e-mail, data base updates, call campaigns, printing, invoicing, etc.
Powerful use of Color
Intelligent color selection eliminates the "Christmas Tree" effect. Designed for focusing the eye in a pleasing manner by users who look at screens all day!
ARC/400 works the way that you work. Many features for every one's needs. Menus can be designed for the unique needs of any system user.
Bullet proof
Powerful error detection virtually eliminates errors by pressing a wrong key or by entering logically inconsistent data.
Field Values Inquiries
You can display various field value meanings from any screen by pressing the F1 Help key. Coded field values on maintenance screens can be reviewed by placing a "?" in the field and can be modified by placing a "@" in the field.
Hot keys to important functions
You are often no more than one keystroke away from the next function.
Window displays provide information Overlaying the previous screen for better contextual understanding by the user. However, ARC/400 does not Overdo it. Many screens require a full display for full understanding and these are provided as such.
Remembers what you are doing
Working with a customer? ARC/400 remembers customers, contacts, orders, shipments, invoices, products so you do not have to re-key information again and again. Enter the invoice number and let ARC/400 determine customer numbers, etc.
Action oriented
Some systems will provide many "user defined fields" that do nothing. The ARC/400 system uses fields that cause action on the part of the system or the user.
Multiple Sales Divisions
A sales division is an independent business unit which may be managed separately from other business units. ARC/400 allows for independent management of such units including independent sales reporting.
Multiple Warehouses
Any number of warehouse and shipping locations can be set up. Products can be distributed from one or more locations with separate inventories and tracking.
Drop Ship from Producer or Vendor
Set up warehouses as "drop ship" which could be any external location such as your vendor or supplier. The packing list is faxed or otherwise communicated for actual shipping. ARC/400 tracks shipment and subsequent invoicing.




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