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Credit Memo and Customer Returns Processing

Easiest and most accurate system available for entering credit memos or for processing customer returns. User has great degree of flexibility in handling returns based upon whatever the situation is. Reconciliation screen assures that all returns are processed and can not be lost.


  • Impossible to Over credit an invoice. Supports multiple credits against each invoice and tracks cumulative results of the credits.
  • Easy to do. Requires only a handful of keystrokes to credit an invoice. Yet, controls can be placed upon the process for the review of each entered credit before it actually affects the books.
  • Returns are processed by a simple scan of a bar code. If the product is not bar coded, an Artificial Intelligence routine is called to make it easier and more accurate to identify and process the return.
Easy to enter credits
Short cut methods for crediting an entire order, for crediting by a given percentage and for crediting by a specific dollar amount.
Controls so invoice can never be Over credited
You can credit an invoice any number of times but you can not Over credit the dollar amounts or quantities. Controls are maintained so that previous credit amounts are maintained by invoice and by order.
Back out a bad credit memo
Any credit entered by mistake can be backed out simply by "crediting the credit". Full controls are maintained.
Tax credits are automatically calculated
Taxes are calculated with the availability of a user Override.
Shipping amounts are automatically calculated
Shipping amounts are credited for returned quantities. This can be bypassed based upon company policy.
Credit memo inquiry will display past credits at any time
Credit memo display is available with a list of credits if more than one applies to one invoice.
Customer returns are automatically handled by system with optional user review
Return information is tracked at the product, order and invoice levels for easy display by a user at any time. Totals and various statistics are maintained automatically with the entry of a bar code or the entry of invoice/line data.
Returns can be audited by service personnel through a series of specially designed screens allowing easy and accurate processing of all customer returns
Often investigation is required for a customer return including reviewing customer service notes, sales history, and other information. A decision may be made to contact the customer for an alternative selection and/or crediting the customer for the item amount. Full capabilities are available in a series of screens to assist in this potentially complex returns processing.
Return Action Codes are used for ACTION when an item is returned
Specify that a product is damaged (with or without textual explanations) and the item will be flagged upon return. No need for RMA numbers!




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