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Bill of Materials

Items can be grouped for pricing, ordering and assembly purposes. This improves the ease of use and the flexibility of the system. Also can be used as a simple manufacturing system for assembly of items.


  • Easier and faster entry of items requiring multiple components
  • Greater pricing flexibility
  • Control of assembly components using ARC/400 Inventory Control
Bill of Materials can be defined for series of items sold together, components to be assembled internally into a finished good, for attaching printed or support material to an item, etc.
The BOM is a multi-level structure for simple and complex definition of a finished good. It is also used to speed order entry as a short cut to entering a whole series of items
Assembly pricing is very flexible
Pricing can occur at the assembly level for special assembly pricing or the component level. Shipping and insurance charges are calculated based upon what is shipped and other rules established by the user.
Powerful preview/rental processing for assemblies
An assembly can be previewed or rented just like any other product. Supports complete or partial returns and conversions to sale. Ancillary items can be set to ship only for preview/rental transaction or only for the conversion to sale transaction. Assemblies can be set to ship complete or ship partial.





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