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Marketing and Sales Management

Mailing, fax and call campaigns can be crafted for best results, using statistics from the data base. Follow up calls can be scheduled for each campaign. Histories are readily available for in-bound and out-bound sales calls improving Tele-Marketing and Customer Service efficiency and effectiveness. Results are collected and measured using call statistics and revenues. Campaigns are evaluated and refined for the next campaign cycle. Use Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analysis to really know your customers and to optimize your marketing campaigns.


  • Target customers to concentrate efforts on best potential candidates. Segment using RFM, Rank Profiles, and/or sales history details.
  • Create direct mail, broadcast fax and calling campaigns to reach your clients. Combine these approaches into a coordinated marketing blitz.
  • Send standard letters by merging data base information, eliminating duplicates and printing labels.
  • Send and receive mail messages with clients Over the Internet.
  • Use statistics to reduce mailing and calling costs while maximizing results.
  • Measure results of a sales person or entire sales division using statistics like number of calls, number of contacts, number of sales, sales volume, etc.
  • Real time statistics give you current results as of now any time during a day. Get both bookings and invoiced sales with period comparisons.
  • Reports provide effectiveness of a call or mail campaign.

Fax marketing literature, invoices, orders, letters, and more to your customers
Create or scan marketing literature on you favorite Windows programs and easily fax to customers as they demand. Pick the item from a list and ARC/400 does the rest. A notation in the customer's diary is even completed automatically.
Labels, Marketing Letters, and Customer Mailings
Whether you are creating a marketing letter to half of your data base, or just need a label to go onto a customer package, ARC/400 prints your labels as you want them. Select the customer(s), format (e.g. Cheshire) and the destination printer and ARC/400 does the rest.
Selection and Exception Logic for defining campaigns
You can use from simple to very complex selection logic in defining your campaigns. Uniquely to ARC/400, you can define exception logic to exclude names where necessary. For example, create a mailing list of all buyers, renters and previewers of product line ABC, but not if they had purchased from product line DEF.
Automatic Label Generation
Every time your Tele-Service personnel select and print a standard letter, a label is printed in the same order as the letters are printed. The same is true for all Preview and AR dunning letters.
Source of Call Coding
Source code your mailings and advertising for statistical and revenue reports. Be sure that you are receiving payback from your marketing investments.
Marketing Campaign Statistics
Determine the effectiveness of direct mail, broadcast fax, call and other marketing campaigns. Measure effectiveness of promotions using revenue and activity numbers which are automatically tracked by ARC/400.
Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM)
RFM analysis allows you to really know who your customers are and what their buying habits are. RFM is an automatic feature of ARC/400 that produces daily reports as well as historical reports. Measures of RFM are used in marketing campaign definitions to target your best customers without wasting money on non-buyers.
Letter Support
Select a standard letter and let the system merge the name, address and other information. Then you can customize, if you wish, through the OfficeVision word processor.
Bill Only Orders
Create an invoice for anything at anytime without the need to "fake" a shipment to the computer. ARC/400 will keep track of the dollars for you as well.
Diary of Calls Includes Day of Week
The on-going diary of notes for a customer will tell you the day of the week of the note. You can determine the best day to call based upon past experience.
Flexible Reporting
Standard reports plus your own reports will use the full sales history data base for very fruitful decision analysis. Look at sales history by either the original sales person or the current sales person for better territory management.
Split Commissions
Any sales line item in order entry can be split between two sales people. You can even determine the split percentage and be able to split between two different sales divisions.
Sales Territories
Territories are defined by industry, by geography, named accounts or a combination of these. ARC/400 supports State splits by zip code. Other sales territory assignments are possible.Sales assignments are easily changed with utilities including changing all current call queues and open orders.
Importing Mailing Lists
Outside lists can be imported to ARC/400 with an automatic de-duplication of the list comparing to your data base. Specify a source for the list and produce P&L like reports on the productivity of the list.
Exporting to Other Applications and to Other Services
Export lists to Microsoft Word and other PC based applications. You can produce disks for outside list, mailing and fax services.




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